For People

  • Japanese Style Acupuncture Specializing in Japanese Acupuncture which is the most gentle style available in addition to being extremely effective. This is a complete system of treatment which includes pulse diagnosis and meridian balance methods to help restore a more normal, healthier balance to the body, mind and spirit.
  • Esoteric Acupuncture Unlike most forms of acupuncture which seek to balance the physical body’s energy fields, the goal of Esoteric Acupuncture is to focus on “higher frequency healing”.  It accesses the more subtle frequencies outside of the ‘dense’ physical and establishes a stronger, more harmonious connection with the higher spiritual realm.  One of the ways this is accomplished is by balancing the ‘chakras’.
  • Herbal Medicine Using the purest, most advanced herbal extracts available, these products are manufactured in the U.S. and are GMP certified.  These herbs are formulated to address many of the common symptoms we experience today.
  • Whole Food Supplements Offering organic, whole food supplements which feed the body the essential nutrients required to support, rebuild and restore healthy function.  These products safely and effectively replace the use of manmade, unnatural vitamins, minerals and other supplements.
  • Cellular Detoxification Incorporating professional grade herbal and nutritional products targeting specific organs and body systems leading to whole body cleansing.  As this is accomplished overall health is dramatically improved.
    Toxins are harmful substances that are either end products of normal bodily functions or “poisons” which have been ingested, inhaled or absorbed from our environment. Detoxification is the process by which we decrease or eliminate these toxic substances from our bodies. There are numerous ways this can be accomplished including herbal cleansing programs, ion spa treatments, natural supplements, etc.  Acu-Care Mobile Acupuncture Services  has a variety of options to help you detoxify and feel better.
  • Health & Safety Products Distributing Energy Tools International’s cell phone/router protectors which help protect against the damaging effects of EMF’s (electromagnetic fields) which are emitted from cell phones, computers and other household devices.
  • Nutritional Guidance and Lifestyle Counseling are important components of any health care program.  Practitioners of Oriental Medicine may advise a patient as to which foods and supplements would be beneficial for their specific condition as well as those that should be avoided.  In addition, patients may be given suggestions for therapeutic exercise, stress reduction techniques and proper breathing methods.  All of these support the patient’s overall goal to restore good health.