Patient Information


Many insurance plans include acupuncture as a covered benefit. AcuCare Mobile does accept some of these plans. To find out what your coverage is, please click on the link and enter your insurance information. A verification will be performed, and you will be contacted with an explanation of your coverage. Your insurance may not pay the total amount billed. In that case, you will need to pay whatever portion is remaining.

Preparations For Your Visit

Please have completed the Patient Intake Form and other forms you downloaded from the home page on the website. On the initial visit, there will be additional forms that will need to be signed in person, including the Arbitration Agreement.

To facilitate efficient service and treatment, we suggest the following:

  • Wear loose clothing, such as shorts, sweatpants, or a loose dress, for easy access to most acupuncture points.
  • Have available the names and dosages of any and all medications, copies of any relevant lab or other test results and/or medical documents about your health concerns.

Your Initial Visit

You will asked extensive questions regarding your health history, current complaints and overall health status. A physical examination will be performed, including a specialized form of wrist pulse diagnosis. Your tongue may be examined to determine its color and coating. In addition, your abdomen, back and other body areas may be palpated. The information obtained from these procedures contributes to the overall diagnosis, forms the foundation for an appropriate course of treatment. 

Length of Individual Treatments

Due to the extensive evaluation and diagnosis which takes place on your initial visit, a time period of one hour or more may be needed. Subsequent treatments will vary between 30 and 60 minutes depending on the nature of your particular condition that day.

Course of Treatments

The number of treatments necessary depends upon the nature, depth and seriousness of your condition. Other influencing factors include your current lifestyle habits, medications you may be taking, and how well you follow the recommendations given to you.

You should notice some positive changes in your health within four to six treatments, or not sooner. However, it is important to remember that everybody has a different rate and pattern of improvement.

Once your initial course of treatment is complete, you may need to return if symptoms reoccur or if new ones develop. In addition, further treatment for maintenance care or preventative health measures may be advised.

Frequency of Treatments

The frequency of treatments needed varies from individual to individual. In the beginning, it may be necessary to treat you up to several times a week. Once your body starts to respond, the frequency of treatments will gradually taper, leaving longer intervals between visits.


Referrals are the highest form of compliment. The confidence you express when you refer your friends and loved ones is sincerely appreciated.