Kimberly Hoover is an extraordinary healer and person. After more than 30 years in practice, with 2 very busy offices, she has a rare depth and breadth of professional experience. She is exceptionally gentle, compassionate, knowledgeable, consistent and trustworthy. Her soothing presence, uplifting nature, integrity, professionalism and devotion to her patients is her hallmark. She puts her whole mind-heart-spirit into each session and I always felt cared for. She was my acupuncturist for 10 years. In fact, she was always so busy that I would book my appointments 1 year in advance, as did many of her other regular clients, so I could be sure to stay on her schedule. She has left behind a huge ‘fan’ base here in San Diego!

L.G., San Diego, CA

I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Kimberly Hoover to anyone seeking acupuncture and holistic healthcare. Dr. Hoover has consistently provided me with effective and personalized treatments by listening to understand my unique needs. She creates a welcoming and calming  environment which contributes to a positive and healing experience. Her professionalism, attention to detail and commitment to my well-being have always been evident. I am grateful to Dr. Hoover for her continued interest and advise in my health and well-being.

C. S., San Diego, CA

I was a patient of Kimberly Hoover for more than a decade. Having received acupuncture treatments since my 20’s, I am now 62. I can say without a doubt that she is one of the most skilled, knowledgeable and heart-centered practitioners I have ever worked with. Prior to working with her, I would take long breaks from acupuncture even though I have Hashimoto’s disease and therefore a weak immune system, because although I liked the results, I found the needles very uncomfortable. In 2008, my sister told me about Kimberly who uses the Japanese method with smaller needles and basically no needling pain.  What a God send!! Once I started seeing her, I stayed with her until she moved from San Diego to Northern California. Thanks to her, I have been able to live a healthy life, with lots of work and travel. Kimberly’s treatments not only increased my immunity and overall well-being, they also greatly reduced any localized pain I might have been experiencing. That was usually low back, neck or headache pain. She almost completely eliminated my migraines.

What I loved about going to see Kimberly was that I knew I was in good hands.  Her knowledge and skill is with question. She uses various modalities and stays current with overall health information, supplements and treatments. She ‘treated’ my WHOLE self, including emotional, not just the physical. She has a huge heart and is truly spiritual.  My appointments were like seeing a friend who made my life sooooo much better and I know I am not the only one of her clients who felt that way.  Kimberly is skilled, knowledgeable, efficient, compassionate and truly cares about all of her clients. I have referred many people to her and will tell you what I told them: You can’t go wrong with Kimberly. However far you have to go to see her, she’s worth it!

A. C., Chula Vista, CA

It is quite possibly Kimberly’s sole mission in life to help people. I believe she was put on earth to do acupuncture. You are lucky to have found her and have her as part of your medical team. I suffer from chronic arthritis and she has helped me manage the pain for years. In addition to help with my pain, I always felt a deep sense of well-being after my sessions with her. Kimberly can help you live more comfortably.

T. B., USNR, Chula Vista, CA

Kimberly is the best holistic healer. She has an innate sense about her. She is very honest about whether or not she feels she can help with your particular health condition. I trust her with my healthcare and you should too.

C. B., Chula Vista, CA

I began seeing Kimberly in 1991 on the recommendation of a co-worker. I had suffered a low back injury and went through physical therapy but things were not back to normal. I had not entirely recovered my physical strength for exercise, especially with regards to weightlifting with my upper body.  I was stuck and couldn’t move past that point.

I started receiving treatments every 2 weeks at first, then every 3 weeks. The results were amazing. My upper body became more balanced and eventually I was even able to go back to jogging. I also received nutritional information from Kimberly and began a regular routine of supplements which she reviewed. With her acupuncture treatments and nutritional advice, along with the Lord’s guidance, I completely overhauled my diet and my health improved substantially. I continued to see Kimberly, on a maintenance basis until she moved up north. She was my acupuncturist for 30 years, and to this day, I miss her. She is a trusted friend and an excellent acupuncturist!

F. Andersen, Temecula, CA

Grass Valley stole San Diego’s BEST acupuncturist. Kimberly Hoover is the GOAT!

H. B., San Diego, CA

Kimberly deeply cares about her patients. Do as she asks and you’ll feel better.

M.B., Seattle WA

Kimberly is a highly skilled and compassionate acupuncturist who gives the added benefit of coming to your own home!  My husband is for the most part bed-bound and she was able to open up his energy flow in a marvelous way which simply allowed him to absorb her work without the interruptions that come from being in an office environment.

She uses needles, acupressure and other modalities to increase the effectiveness of her treatments and is truly like a magical sprite as she quickly zeroes in on what her patient needs towards greater balance and wholeness.  What a blessing to have a healer with such enormous gifts to share!

G.V., Nevada City, CA